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SPN Fanmix: Substitute

To celebrate the one-month anniversary of me picking up a literal stray, here is a fanmix commemorating the delicious fail sundae that was Sam/Amelia!

Again, there are no actual links in this fanmix, so this is just a nuisance for you and a time-suck for me.
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An aside note: The Pretty Reckless, Edna Swap, and Swear On Your Life are all powerful female-fronted rock bands that deserve investigation. Edna Swap did the original Torn, as covered by Natalie Imbruglia and One Direction. The Pretty Reckless writes songs with titles like Hit Me Like A Man. Swear On Your Life's debut album has been banned as offensive at several US colleges, and the sound is awesome.
I first ran across Ironychan in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. Brilliant long fics that did not always survive to the finish line that I still recall vividly years later.

This one made it to the end. Holy crap. The plot twists. The visceral detail. The deep philosophical questions. The gut punches. The featherlight touch.

OMG read it. It's gen, PG-13, 120 thousand words, complete, hot off the author's home computer.

In it, JARVIS becomes a human, with all the misery and joy and uncertainty that that entails. (SPN people, read it for the parallels between Tony and JARVIS and Dean and Castiel.)

Read it!
Title: If Thy Face Offend Me, Cut It Off
Chapter: 1/7
Characters: Ash Williams, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Pairing: Mostly gen, with unobtrusive past het
Rating: R
Length: Longish
Warnings: Gore, dismemberment, gratuitous violence, man pain, explosions
Spoilers: Evil Dead I, II, and Army of Darkness; Supernatural early season 8.
Disclaimer: I actually have money now, but please don't sue me for it just because I like your work.
Summary: Ash teams up with Sam and Dean. Things go as well as can be expected.

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Completed work at Ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/1016925.

Dear Diary: Car Fail

Two long-standing questions I've wondered about myself were answered today.
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So I took The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character test, you know, to see what some random Internet test-crafter makes of my personality.

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SPN Ep Rxn 8.01: The Spiral of Doom

I used to do pretty much frame-by-frame reviews, with speculation and a detailed plot synopsis and a list of important technical and creature details. This is not one of those reviews.

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I recently saw Thor and The Avengers and got pressganged into Loki's legions of fangirls. And I've been wondering why. Sure, Tom Hiddleston is cute and engaging and funny and so happy with his role and his fandom that he makes me feel a little less silly about being a fan. The actor's a cool guy.

Loki's a whiner.

But it's Loki who holds my fascination, who provides, as all my obsessions provide, a face I can recognize as a facet of myself. He's . . . he's a whiner. A snide commentator from the hero's elbow. A judger. A coward with grudges. A weasel. I dig me some Loki!redemption!fic, is what I'm saying here.

But more to the point, I like Loki's story, because it's a villain's story, and we need those even more than heroes' stories.

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It's the first metaphor I think of for almost every horror.Collapse )

I've seen a good deal of people take down their online profiles because of conflict between their creative works and their real-world co-workers, superiors, clients, press, etc. I stand by my creative works, with the caveat that in the future I may learn very different attitudes and values as I mature.